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References Author/Corporate Author Topic Resource
Propelling the transition: Green hydrogen could be the final piece in a zero-emissions future Herman K. Trabish DER Article
Estimating the Regional Economic Resiliency Benefits of Community Microgrids Brian Morrison Economics Report
Camden, N.J. Looks to Innovative Bonds to Expand Microgrid Project Microgrid Knowledge Financing Article
Siemens Financing eBook
Joe Indvik Financing Presentation
Financing Microgrids in the Federal Sector Chuck Kurnik, Phil Voss Financing Report
Funding Microgrids: CAPEX versus OPE Yasmin Ali Financing Article
How to Get Your Microgrid Projects Financed Microgrid Knowledge Financing Report
Scale Microgrid Solutions Financing White Paper
Microgrid finance, revenue, and regulation considerations Rima Kasia Oueid Financing Journal
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Financing Model for Micro-Grids  Mohsen Jafari, Kaveh Gharieh Financing Research
Think Like a Financier to Win Funding for Your Microgrid Project Peter Malaney Financing White Paper
Can We Really Reach These Big Green Goals? Elisa Wood Market Article
Clean Jobs New Jersey: 51,852 Clean Energy Jobs Across New Jersey E2 Market Report
Delloite 2019 power and utilities industry outlook Scott Smith Market Report
Meeting the challenge of modernizing the grid to stabilize the integration of renewable energy ABB Market White Paper
Microgrid Knowledge Names ‘The Home Microgrid’ as Person of the Year 2020 Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
New Year’s Resolutions for the Microgrid Industry from 4 Leading Companies Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
PG&E is betting heavily on microgrids. But can it move away from fossil fuels? Kavya Balaraman Market Article
PSE&G and Highland Park to build solar storage system NJBIZ Market Article
Putting Distributed Energy Resources to Work in Wholesale Electricity Markets Advanced Energy Economy Market White Paper
UL Acquires Microgrid Software Company Homer Energy Elisa Wood Market Article
Utilities See Future Profits in Microgrids: Survey Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
Katie Bell Market Presentation
What Electrification of Transportation and Buildings Means to Microgrids: Interview Elisa Wood Market Article
What Schneider Electric’s Recent Move Reveals about the Microgrid Market Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
What the Schneider/Autogrid Deal Signals about the Future of Microgrids Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
What’s Driving Microgrids toward a $30.9B Market? Elisa Wood Market Article
Wisconsin Utility Proposes Microgrid Resiliency Program with up to 22 projects Microgrid Knowledge Market Article
The Short and Long Term Care of Your Microgrid S&C Electric Company Operations Report
Community Microgrid Ownership Models Brittany Blair and Paul De Martini Ownership White Paper
Independents and Utilities at Odds Over Who Builds Microgrids in Maryland Elisa Wood Ownership Article
Power Purchase Agreements — Navigating the Complex Accounting Landscape Bruce Blasnik Ownership Report
Are Microgrids Expensive? Elisa Wood Planning Article
Community Microgrid Suitability Analysis A GIS Approach to Modernizing the Electric Grid Gregory Young Planning Report
Cost-Benefit Analysis: Case Studies of Community Microgrids Dean Weng, et al. Planning Report
DERMS: A Term Gone Too Far? DER Lifecycle Management Is Not Limited to DERMS Ben Kellison Planning White Paper
Distributed Generation for Resilience Planning Guide U.S. DOE Planning Webpage
Here’s what the key figure in any community microgrid looks like | Greenbiz Sara Harari and Nate Grady Planning Article
How New Microgrid Technologies Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources Veronique Boutin, et al. Planning Report
How to Build a Microgrid S&C Electric Company Planning Report
Lessons Learned from Energy Commission Microgrid Research Activities: California Energy Commission California PUC Planning Presentation
Microgrid 2019 Proceedings: Presentations, Photos & Polls Microgrid Knowledge Planning Conference
Microgrid Analysis and Case Studies Report -California, North America, and Global Case Studies Peter Asmus, Laura Vogel, et al. Planning Report
Microgrid Implementation Challenges and Key Technologies Jacques Philippe, et al. Planning White Paper
Microgrid Investment Under Uncertainty – A Real Option Approach Using Closed Form Contingent Analysis Farnaz Farzan, Mohsen Jafari, Planning Research
Microgrid Resources Coalition – California PUC R. 19-09-009 Microgrid Workshop Allie Detrio Planning Presentation
Microgrids for Fun and Profit: The Economics of Installation Investments and Operations Farnaz Farzan, Mohsen Jafari, et al. Planning Research
NASEO NARUC Microgrids State Working Group: Microgram Planning & Deployment for Community Resilience NASEO Planning Video
National Efficiency Screening Project (NESP): Value of DERs Nat. Energy Screening Project Planning Website
One Size Does Not Fit All Gene Wolf Planning Article
Phase I Microgrid Cost Study: Data Collection and Analysis of Microgrid Costs in the United States Julieta Giraldez, Peter Asmus, et al. Planning Report
Reimagining the Grid Southern California Edison Planning White Paper
Resiliency and Microgrids Events and Materials California PUC Planning Workshop
RU-LESS Micro-grid Optimal Design and Planning Rutgers University Planning Report
The transition to renewable energy: Drivers, goals, and strategies Delloite Planning Report
The Value of Resilience for Distributed Energy Resources: An Overview of Current Analytical Practices NARUC/Converge Strategies Planning Report
Three Phases in Designing Successful Microgrid Projects Energy Central Planning Article
S&C Electric Company Planning White Paper
VOR123: Value-of-Resilience Clean Coalition Planning Article
Watch out for these Roadblocks to California Microgrids Microgrid Knowledge Planning Article
2021 Outlook: Greening natural gas while planning for service reliability Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
California Considers Lifting Microgrid Standby Charges Ethan Howland Policy Article
California Lawmakers Approve Bill to Bolster Microgrid Development, End Lengthy Wait Elisa Wood Policy Article
Massachusetts Close to Finalizing a Clean Peak Standard. Good News for Microgrids Peter Maloney Policy Article
FERC Tariff Approvals Open Way for Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets Lisa Cohen Policy Article
If Regulators Had a Magic Wand, How Would They Encourage Microgrid Development? Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
Local Governments Want Communities — not Utilities — to Control Microgrids in California Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
Long Beach, Calif., Urges Regulatory Reforms to Overcome Microgrid Delays Ethan Howland Policy Article
Microgrid Policy: What Really Needs to be Done? Elisa Wood Policy Article
Microgrid Tariff Proposed by Hawaiian Electric Faces Industry Criticism Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
Microgrids Benefit from New Jersey’s Push for More Renewables and Energy Storage Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability Smart Electric Power Alliance Policy Report
Modernizing the Grid in NJ Vital to Achieving Clean-Energy Targets Tom Johnson Policy Electric grid
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Microgrid Report NJ BPU Policy Report
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Proposed Solar Rules – 2018 Microgrid Knowledge Policy NJ Adm Code
SOCALGAS Overview of Distributed Energy Resources Services (DERS) Tariff – Petition for Modification SoCalGas Policy Presentation
Reps. Estes, Thompson and Sens. Coons, Moran Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Expand Renewable Energy Tax Advantages Greg Steele Policy Article
Resiliency & Microgrids Working Group Meeting 2 California PUC Policy Presentation
State Net Metering Policies Nat. Conf. of State Legislatures Policy Webpage
The Green Book Central Government Guidance on Appraisal And Evaluation HM Treasury, Govt. Finance Policy UK Guidance
The Regulatory Path Forward for Networked Microgrids Anabelle Pratt Policy Article
What California’s Microgrid Bill Means to the State – and Everybody Else Lisa Cohen Policy Article
Who Pays on a Decentralized Grid? New York Tackles the Equity Problem with New Rates Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
Why Pennsylvania Utilities Want to Build Public Purpose Microgrids: Legislative Hearing Elisa Wood Policy Article
Will New Jersey Lawmakers Step up for Microgrids before the Next Disaster? Microgrid Knowledge Policy Article
A Toolkit for PROCURING RESILIENCE re:focus Partners Procurement Article
Decision Adopting Short-Term Actions to Accelerate Microgrid Deployment and Related Resiliency Solutions California PUC Rulemaking Document
Order Instituting Rulemaking Regarding Microgrids Pursuant to Senate Bill 1339 California PUC Rulemaking Document
Environmental Defense Fund Services Website
Grid Modernization: Hosting Capacity Analysis and Distribution Grid Security Synapse Energy Services Website
Translating DER and Microgrid Complexity into Simplicity & Bankability Microgrid Knowledge Software Article
California Names 10 Winners for $51.9 Million in Microgrid Grants Microgrid Knowledge State Pgm. Article
TRC Solutions State Pgm. Article
DEEP: Microgrid Grant and Loan Program CT Dept. Energy and Env. Protect. State Pgm. Webpage
Details on the 14 Massachusetts Community Microgrid Projects that Won Funding Microgrid Knowledge State Pgm. Article
Evaluation of New York Prize Stage 1 Feasibility Assessments Final Report Brookhaven National Lab. State Pgm. Report
Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Resilient Maryland Program Maryland Energy Administration State Pgm. Document
NY Prize Stage 1 winners NYSERDA State Pgm. Document
Arizona commissioner cites ‘unacceptable risks’ from lithium-ion batteries for large-scale projects Iulia Gheorghiu Technology Article
Blockchain microgrids are reshaping the energy sector Power Technology Technology Article
Burning the Gas ‘Bridge Fuel’ Myth: Why Gas Is Not Clean, Cheap, or Necessary Lorne Stockman, et al. Technology Report
Decades-Old Technology Offers a Greener Way to Cool Buildings Will Mathis Technology Article
How residential energy storage could help support the power grid Jason Finkelstein, et al. Technology Report
Mobile Energy Storage Study Massachusetts DOER Technology Report
New Jersey Energy Storage Analysis (ESA) Final Report Rutgers University Technology Report
Novel Waste-to-Energy Microgrid Aims to Provide Resilience in Camden, New Jersey Lisa Cohen Technology Article
Reality check: Gas is not needed as bridge in N.J. Richard Lawton Technology Article
Alexander Kaufman Technology Article
These Internet-Connected Batteries Are Helping Light Up Part of Puerto Rico Michael Belfiore Technology Article
Thin, Flexible New Solar Cells Could Soon Line Your Shirt Amelia Urry Technology Article
The Smart Grid? U.S. DOE Technology Webpage
Without the right policies, energy storage could increase emissions Andy Bilich Technology Blog
California Tribe Explores What Some See as the Future: Networked Microgrids Microgrid Knowledge Type Article
Microgrids Are Everywhere: The key to the future of the grid is understanding microgrid technologies. Gene Wolf Type Article
Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry & Its Customers Microgrid Knowledge Type Article
The Name Game: Is ‘Microgrid’ Correct? Gene Wolf Type Article
$100 Million Microgrid Proposed for Downtown Cleveland Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
A Ready-Made Microgrid at Zero Cost? Yep. A Nebraska Utility Did It Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Adapting to fire: How cities can enhance resilience with distributed energy Madeline Tyson, et al/ Use case Article
Beyond the Buzzwords: Making the Specific Case For Community Resilience Microgrids Derek Jones, Emily Paris, et al. Use Case Presentation
Borrego Springs: California’s First Renewable Energy-Based Community Microgrid Hilal Katmale, et al. Use Case Report
Bracing for Multiple-Day Outages, Another California City Advances Microgrid Project Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Building Blocks of Community Microgrids Sara Harari and Nate Grady Use case Article
Building the Business Case for Fire Station Microgrids in California Peter Asmus Use case Article
California’s Critical Facility Challenge: The Case for Energy-as-a-Service Municipal Microgrids Peter Asmus Use Case White Paper
Camden County utility authority first in NJ to create microgrid to power institutions David Hutter Use case Article
Bloom Energy Use case Press release
Community Microgrids in the Spotlight Rosana Francescato Use case Article
Community Resilience Planning and Clean Energy Initiatives: A Review of City-Led Efforts for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Dan York, Alexander Jarrah Use Case Report
Comparing America’s grid operators on clean energy progress: PJM is headed for a climate disaster Miles Farmer, Amanda Levin Use case Article
Curbing Energy Sprawl with Microgrids Sara Bronin Use case Research
Dawn of the Utility Microgrid: The Path to a Profitable Future Microgrid Knowledge Use case White paper
Earthquake Worries Prompt Oregon Cities to Install Microgrids for Resiliency Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Eight Projects Proposed in Round 4 of the Connecticut Microgrid Grant Program Andrew Burger Use Case Article
Energy Storage: The New Efficiency – How States Can Use Efficiency Funds to Support Battery Storage and Flatten Costly Demand Peaks Clean Energy Group Use case Report
Engineering Group Sees Increase in Power Outages, Costs Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Lessons Learned from CEC EPIC Microgrid Research Activities California Energy Commission Use Case Presentation
Eversource Takes Local Energy Concept to New Level with New Hampshire Microgrid Plan Elisa Wood Use case Article
Facing rougher weather, A.C. Electric bolsters South Jersey grid Lauren Minore Use case Article
First-of-a-Kind, Triple-Tasking, Front-of-Meter Microgrid in Sonoma, California Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Former Obama Sustainability Chief Seeks Microgrid Resilience for Vulnerable Communities Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Green Mountain Power’s pioneering steps in transactive energy raise big questions about DER’s value Herman K. Trabish Use case Article
History of Microgrids in the US: From Pearl Street to Plug-and-Play Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
How cities and electric companies can unlock a powerful partnership Jesse Berst Use case Article
Identifying optimal locations for Community Microgrids Clean Coalition Use case Report
Is a Microgrid right for you? S&C Electric Company Use case Report
Key Players Shed Light on Why the Microgrid Market is Growing Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Making Microgrids as Simple to Deploy & Finance as Rooftop Solar Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Microgrid Guide for Publicly Owned Critical Infrastructure Rima Kasia Oueid Use Case Document
Microgrid: What Every City Should Know Doug Vine, Amy Morsch Use Case White Paper
Microgrids as a Non-Spinning Substitute for Spinning Reserves Kevin Normandeau Use case Article
Microgrids Can Protect Public Health. So Why Aren’t We Using More that Way? Lisa Cohen Use case Article
Microgrids State Working Group NASEO Use case Webpage
Microgrids, major changes: Professor leading effort to redesign power grid Sarah Small Use case Article
Neighborhood Microgrids would Provide Resilience under Sunrun Plan Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Next-gen demand response is coming online, and utilities are calling on it more often: SEPA Robert Walton Use case Article
OPINION | Microgrids: A new hope for New Jersey’s energy future Gail Lalla Use case Article
Outsourcing utility climate goals: Energy as a service reduces risk while increasing energy savings Brett Feldman Use case Article
Pathway to Smart City Resiliency: The Microgrid Platform Peter Asmus Use case Report
Pittsburgh Steps Up City-Scale Microgrid Initiative Andrew Burger Use case Article
Reimagining Grid Resilience Mark Dyson, Becky Xilu Li Use case Report
Sustainable Microgrids Gene Wolf Use case Article
The Atlas List of Microgrids The-Atlas Use case Webpage
The Bottom Line on Clean Energy NJ Biz Use case Article
The Financial Decision-Makers Guide to Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids Microgrid Knowledge Use case White paper
The Future of Microgrids: A Virtual Site Visit to Schneider Electric’s Global R&D Center Assoc. of Energy Engineers Use case Video
The Microgrid Playbook: Community Resilience for Natural Disasters Jared Leader, Harry Cutler Use Case Report
The Neptune Township Advanced Microgrid Feasibility Study Township of Neptune Use case Report
The Philadelphia Navy Yard Advanced Microgrid Burns Group Use case Presentation
The Role of Distributed Energy Resources in New Jersey’s Clean Energy Transition GridLAB Use case Report
Towns develop microgrids to deliver reliable, cheaper power George M. Walsh Use case Article
U.S. Hurricane Season Is Unnecessarily Dangerous Eric Roston Use case Article
Unpacking the Value of Resiliency That Microgrids Offer Peter Asmus Use case Article
Using electricity at different times of day could save us billions of dollars David Roberts Use case Article
Welcome to the Evolution. Utilities Prepare for the Age of the Microgrid Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
What is a Community Microgrid? Clean Coalition Use case Article
Which Power Systems Boost City Resilience — and for How Long? Lisa Cohen Use case Article
Why Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids are the Logical Next Step for California – and the Rest of the US Microgrid Knowledge Use case Report
Why Microgrid Developers Shouldn’t be Storm Chasers Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Why You May Want to Seriously Consider a Microgrid for your Electric Vehicles Microgrid Knowledge Use case Article
Working with Private Sector to Torque Up Municipal Energy Systems Tom Johnson Use case Article
A New Market Pathway for Microgrids: Distribution Support Service Agreements Christopher Berendt, C. Baird Brown Utility White Paper
Building the 21st Century Digital Grid Zpryme Utility Report
Harvesting hybrid solutions from performance-based rates: ‘Not all or nothing’ Herman K. Trabish Utility Article
Monetizing microgrids: Utilities are missing a unique opportunity Megan Kerins and Ana Sophia Mifsud Utility Article
MRC Submits Comments on California Microgrid Proceeding Microgrid Resources Coalition Utility Article
Performance-based regulation: Seeking the new utility business model Herman K. Trabish Utility Article
Renewables’ variability sends wary utilities from traditional DR to DER and load flexibility Herman K. Trabish Utility Article
The 51st State Initiative: Leveraging the Advantages of the Electric Utility Chris Vlahoplus, John Pang, et al. Utility Report
The business case for microgrids Robert Liam Dohn Utility White paper
The Future Utility: Transformation of the utility business model. Atos Utility Report
The New Realities in an Evolving Energy Landscape Home Serve Utility Utility Report
The Resiliency Continuum N. Placer and A.F. Snyder Utility White Paper
Utilities’ failure to plan for DER surge promises missed opportunities, increased costs, analysts say Herman K. Trabish Utility Article is an information resource for planning and developing local government microgrids. is currently maintained and updated by the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.



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