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About is an information and education resource focused on the planning and development of local government microgrids. Also referred to as “community” or “town center” microgrids, local government microgrids are defined as “microgrids developed in downtown areas of communities that deliver power to a physically non-contiguous group of critical facilities, often involving multiple distributed energy resources and crossing multiple public rights of way.”

Local government microgrids are distinct from two other types of microgrids:

1) single-site microgrids that serve a single building like a hospital, school or public housing facility, and

2) campus microgrids that are deployed at institutional, government, education, and/or business campuses to power multiple structures through onsite generation and that provide control to the owner. While there are many examples of single-site and campus microgrids, local government microgrids are far more complicated and, to date, far less common. has been created to provide an online resource focused exclusively on this new and emerging form of microgrid. was developed and is currently maintained and updated by the Center for Building Knowledge and Center for Resilient Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Site Organization is organized into two broad subject areas: Planning Academy and Development Challenges.

Planning Academy
The Planning Academy section contains the New Jersey Community Microgrids Planning Academy, an online educational platform created to educate municipal officials, their staffs, and other interested stakeholders on the value and potential feasibility of developing community microgrids in their jurisdictions.

The Academy is organized into five core topic areas, designed to be accessed in sequence for maximum benefit: Basics, Development, Planning, Tutorials, and Resources.

While developed for the State of New Jersey, the information provided in the Academy is relevant to jurisdictions across the US interested in the potential for developing local government microgrids in their communities.

Development Challenges
The Development Challenges section presents the results of a multi-year study that explored the range of critical challenges currently facing the successful procurement and financing of local government microgrids. The results of this study are presented in a comprehensive Final Report – Developing Local Government Microgrids: Current Challenges – together with a series of Fact Sheets and Webinars addressing the following topics: Current Status & Challenges; Procurement Challenges; Financing Challenges; Public Policy Challenges; EDC Challenges; Technology Challenges; Other Challenges; and Moving Beyond the Challenges. is an information resource for planning and developing local government microgrids. is currently maintained and updated by the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.



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