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About The Project Team

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About The Project Team

The Community Microgrids Planning Academy was created by a multi-disciplinary team led by the Center for Resilient Design (CRD) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and supported by Greener by Design, LLC and the Regional Plan Association. The project was funded through a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development managed by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Office of Local Planning Services.

Project Team Organizations

NJIT Center for Resilient Design
The Center for Resilient Design at NJIT was established to inform and implement a resilient post-Sandy recovery in New Jersey. Through applied research, field testing and community outreach, the Center provides State and local leaders, federal agencies, business owners, nonprofit organizations and residents with new knowledge and technical expertise that address real and potential natural and man-made disasters.

Greener by Design, LLC
Greener by Design LLC is a leading sustainability, environmental and energy consulting company focused on policy, regulatory compliance and bottom line economics. With its multidisciplinary team of research, financial management and environmental planning professionals, Greener by Design brings a comprehensive understanding of the economic and policy underpinnings of a rapidly changing environmental landscape and a fresh perspective on how technology, innovation and policy will influence the market in years to come.

Regional Plan Association
RPA is America’s oldest independent urban research and advocacy organization. RPA works to
improve the prosperity, infrastructure, sustainability and quality of life of the New York-New
Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. Some of the region’s most significant public works,
economic development and open space projects have their roots in RPA ideas and initiatives. RPA
pursues these goals by conducting independent research, planning, advocacy and vigorous public
engagement efforts.

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Office of Local Planning Services
New Jersey’s Office of Local Planning Services works with communities to achieve local land use
and planning goals. As part of DCA’s commitment to provide technical assistance to
municipalities, the Office’s professional planning staff offer comprehensive planning services at
no-cost to local governments. Services include supporting: Master Plans and Redevelopment
Plans, Land Use and Mapping, Economic Development Plans, and Special Municipal Projects.

Project Team Members

NJIT Center for Resilient Design

  • Deane Evans, Program Director/Principal Investigator
  • Terra Meierdierck, Program Manager
  • Victoria Dollon, Program Coordinator
  • Colette Santasieri, Planning Manager
  • Sean Vroom, Planning Support
  • Student Interns: Zohaeb Atiq, Everett Aldrich, Kristen Juan, Raychel Russillo, Michelle Lin

Greener by Design

  • Adam Zellner, President
  • Gail Lalla, Vice President of Operations
  • Tom Brys, Principal
  • Kenneth Campbell, Energy Specialist
  • Zenon Tech-Czarny, Environmental Planner
  • Mike Duffy, Sustainability and Energy Specialist
  • Genevieve Tarino, Associate
  • Debra Hinlicky, Operations Manager
  • Rena Pinas, Associate
  • Carol Mendez, Senior Project Manager

Regional Plan Association

  • Rob Freudenberg, Program Director
  • James Finch, Program Support

NJDCA Office of Local Planning Services

  • Sean Thompson, Director
  • Keith Henderson, Director of Policy and Planning
  • Tom Stanuikynas, Senior Planner is an information resource for planning and developing local government microgrids. is currently maintained and updated by the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.



335 Campbell Hall, 323 Martin Luther King Blvd. Newark, NJ 07102-1982


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