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About The Academy

The New Jersey Community Microgrids Planning Academy has been created to educate municipal officials, their staffs and other interested stakeholders on the value and potential feasibility of developing community microgrids in their jurisdictions. The site is specifically designed to:
• Explain – and demystify – what community microgrids are;
• Describe their potential economic and resilience benefits;
• Delineate the series of steps needed to develop, implement and manage a microgrid; and
• Prepare municipal officials to more effectively engage with the growing level of microgrid
development activity across the state.

The site is organized into five core topic areas, designed to be accessed in sequence for maximum

The Basics section provides an introduction to what microgrids are and how they work, organized into
four modules: (i) What is a Microgrid; (ii) Benefits and Challenges; (iii) Key Components; and (iv) Technologies.

Review this section first to get a better understanding of microgrids in general and community
microgrids in particular.

The Development section provides a high level overview of all the steps necessary to
develop, build and operate a Microgrid. Review this section next to better understand all the activities – and all the participants – involved in developing and implementing a community Microgrid.

The Planning section reviews a series of critical first steps needed to create a successful microgrid
development plan: Project Initiation; Preliminary Site Identification; First-Level Screening; Second-
Level Screening and Microgrid Development Plan. Review this section third – after Basics and Development Process – to better understand this key element in the Microgrid development process.

Planning is the stage where municipal jurisdictions typically have a high level of involvement – can have a great deal of impact – in the process of shaping a strategy for a successful microgrid for their community, so it is recommended that this section be reviewed in detail.

The Tutorials section provides a series of presentations that feature experts in specific Microgrid topic areas.
Access this section to go deeper on a specific topic identified in the Basics, Development Process, or Planning sections.

The Resources section contains a curated list of publications and web sites that provide additional
information on Microgrids. Access this section at any time for additional information on a range of Microgrid topics and subject areas. is an information resource for planning and developing local government microgrids. is currently maintained and updated by the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.



335 Campbell Hall, 323 Martin Luther King Blvd. Newark, NJ 07102-1982


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